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Have a Healthy Halloween

Keep your little ones healthy this Halloween. It’s easy to get carried away with sweets and treats this time of year– for both adults and children alike. If you’re planning on taking your kids Trick-or-Treating, the copious consumption of candy may seem inevitable, but this doesn’t have to be the case! Here are some tips … Continued

Halloween: A Kid’s Dream and a Dentist’s Nightmare

All kids (and some parents) want to load up on all the Halloween candy they can get. Why even have the “Trick” in “Trick or Treat”?! Right? As a pediatric dentist, I obviously don’t want your kids to eat too many sweets. Although I love seeing their smiling faces, I don’t want to find new … Continued

You Are What You Eat. Combating Hidden Sugar in Kid’s Food.

It’s true what they say… “you are what you eat.” When it comes to nutrition for your kids, what they put in those tummies not only affects their overall well-being, it affects their oral health too. More and more today foods are containing hidden sugar or more than the recommended amount. Comfort Dental Kids wants … Continued

How To Make Sure Summer Fun Doesn’t Lead To Fall Cavities

Start your engines and get that third pot of coffee brewing, mamas – it is officially SUMMERTIME! This time of year is exciting (and just a teensy bit overwhelming) for moms, as it means sun, fun, planning, and lots of quality time with little ones. However, most moms can attest that it also means lots … Continued

Best Healthy Snacks for Kids This Summer – Easy, Quick and On-The-Go

Summer is quickly approaching which means shuttling kids to soccer practice, busy days at dance recitals, sleepovers, and convenient snacks and meals in-between. Handing your kids pre-packaged snacks or stopping at the drive-thru saves time, but these snacks tend to contain larger amounts of calories and sugar which can lead to pesky cavities. Comfort Dental … Continued

3 Easy Ways to Teach Children Good Oral Hygiene at Home

Parents often ask Comfort Dental Kids for advice on helping their children establish good oral health care at a young age. Here are three ways to help your child maintain a healthy smile: Brush your teeth in front of your child. Children love trying to mimic grown up activities. Show them how you brush your … Continued

How To Keep Your Child’s Smile Healthy

If you’re like most parents, you take a lot of photos to document your kids’ childhoods, and if you scroll through the photos you’ve taken, you’ll see most of them feature happy smiles. To keep those smiles bright on your phone and in the real world, it’s not complicated. Sill, it requires some effort and … Continued

In the Community

Over the last week, our team enjoyed meeting members of our community at local events. On September 29, we participated in Busy Little Hand early learning center’s Fall Festival. We had a great time playing games with the students and handed out electric toothbrushes as prizes.   The Comfort Dental Kids team also held a … Continued

Baby’s First Visit to the Dentist

You don’t have to wait until your child has a full set of teeth before you take them to the dentist for the first time. In fact, waiting that long can be risky. If your child ends up being diagnosed with dental issues, you will have missed the window for easier and earlier correction. That’s … Continued

Welcome to Comfort Dental Kids

Comfort Dental Kids specializes in high quality, personalized dental care for infants, children and teens. We consist of dental experts who have years of experience treating tiny smiles. Starting from infancy, our team is here to ensure that your child receives the very best dental care as they grow. We work with each parent and patient to instill oral care habits that lead to a lifetime of healthy smiles!

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